As You Dreamt It

Over the last month or so I have been shooting a project organised by BMF called As You Dreamt It.

The ABC has also been shooting a documentary focusing on the creation of the work by myself , Toby Burrows and Juliet Taylor to be aired on the arts show in April. The exhibition will be at the the State Library with the date TBA.

This from an article I wrote for B and T


                                                       Capturing the dream of Monireh.


When Monireh recounted her dream she was visibly moved, as though the dream had just happened. As I listened I was deeply affected by the depth of her passion and sadness, and this project became real for me.

Monireh fled Iran to escape religious persecution from her Bahai faith. The Iranian government see this religion as more of a political movement, and anyone known to follow it is denied any form of education or employment. Forced to live a life of secrecy and great risk, she eventually fled to Australia.

Her dreams since she has arrived are of her flying through the suburban streets of Sydney, where she now lives. In them she feels buoyant, happy and light. The elation of having escaped religious persecution. As she flies she looks down upon her friends and family from the Bahai community she left behind in Iran. They wave up at her smiling, content that she’s in safe place. The community she’s estranged from is happy for her, yet Monireh feels sadness and guilt for they are still being persecuted. Her dream contains universal themes of redemption and guilt, optimism and sadness: the bittersweet nature of life.


For me, As You Dreamt It is a creative way to honor Monireh’s journey. It reminds me of the powerful way photography can open a door into the lives of others, of how there’s an element of trust that people give and a responsibility taken when that door is opened.

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